Family Work

Startti perhe- ja maahanmuuttajapalvelut Oy offers family work in the following social and health care services, both basic and special:

Family work is an intricate concept. Startti's family work bases itself on a holistic view on humans as well as ethical principles. We highlight the following principles: the right to participate, respectful meeting, being heard and recognition of being different.

The theories behind our work
include educational, social, sociological as well as social psychological views.

In practice, Startti's family work is planned and targeted, tailored from the start for the customer and situation. It can be built up from a combination of e.g. educational and counselling work, therapeutic discussions and help with practical issues. Our work is clearly distinguishable from family services, family aid and housekeeping services. Our family work consists of a conscious development both with the customer and the referrer.

We do family work in the following languages: Finnish & Simple Finnish, Swedish, English, Estonian, Russian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Somali, Kurdish Soranî, Dari, Farsi, French and Arabian.

The content of Startti's family work depends on whether our customer is eligible for special or basic services in social and health care. We are specialized in immigrant and child welfare services, but with the new Social Welfare Law (1301/2014, 18 §), we offer family work even to customers not in child welfare. Families with children have the right to receive, without delay, services to ensure the health and development of a child. (SosHL 1301/2014, 13 §).

Family work within basic services is supporting the welfare of the customer, and their family or guardian, in situations where social guidance or other means will help them strengthen their own capabilities and mutual interaction. Family work is done to ensure the health and development of a child or youth in need of help.

Our operations are based on a flexible model, which is applied using family-specific targets at the right time and extent, either as preventive, remedial or intensive family work. With correctly focused and compact service principles, it is possible to be effective on all three levels at the same time.

Specific examples of Startti's family work:

  • evaluation of the children's situation and parenthood
  • development of interaction and problem solving skills
  • expanding social networks, preventing exclusion
  • supporting the development of the child's or youth's identity and self-esteem
  • supporting parenthood
  • supporting the child's schoolwork
  • development and strengthening of everyday routines and tasks
  • supporting coping and use of own capabilities
  • organizing group activities and hobbies
  • psychosocial support and discussions
  • social networking e.g. social or personal worker, child health clinic, day-care centre, school, health-care centre, Kela

Family work targeted for immigrants

  • help with social transactions, guidance with reading and filling post and forms
  • prevention of substance abuse and addiction
  • experimenting and finding hobbies
  • dealing with, breaking down and preventing problems related to racism
  • support with school
  • adapting to a new culture and society, identifying and understanding cultural differences
  • development of own identity and reinforcing it in a foreign culture
  • building and strengthening social networks
  • getting to know the surroundings
  • guidance for a healthy lifestyle
  • hobbies and conversations in peer groups e.g. sports groups, cooking clubs, language clubs

    Note! Startti's professional support worker services can always be combined with family work!