Professional Support Worker Services

Startti perhe- ja maahanmuuttajapalvelut Oy offers professional support worker services in the field of open and after-care child welfare as well as for maturing youth without guardians, to support integration associated with child welfare after-care.

Professional support worker services are individual and planned work prepared case-by-case, within the field of open or after-care in child welfare. Startti's target group for professional support workers is therefore children and youths entering the country without guardians.

Minors or youths without guardians, who have been issued with a residence permit after they have applied for international protection in Finland as minors and who have been admitted to Finland under a refugee quota referred to in section 90 of the Aliens Act, have the right for services within the field of open or after-care in child welfare, until they reach the age of 21 or until a guardian for them is appointed in Finland. (Act on the Promotion of Immigrant Integration, 1386/2010, 27 §)

The target of the professional support worker is a functioning and confidential support relationship, which:
  • provides the child or youth with a trustworthy adult contact
  • promotes well-being, growth and development
  • promote day-to-day coping
  • promotes integration
  • motivates the child or youth to have hobbies
  • builds a social network
  • prevents exclusion
The individual goals, duration and meetings of the support relationship are tailored to the needs of the customer. The situation in life, cultural background, hobbies, needs and personality of the person in need of support determine the selection of the professional support worker at Startti. If they so wish, the person can specify whether they want a male or female worker.

Examples of Startti's professional support worker services:

  • psychosocial support discussions
  • organization and particiaption of hobbies
  • support in strengthening self-esteem and identity
  • building and maintaining a social support network
  • cooperation with official and relative networks
  • cultural interpretation, introduction to Finnish culture and service system

Especially for maturing youths:

  • support with social transactions: offices, applications, forms, visits
  • support in day-to-day coping e.g. living, household chores, cooking and financial advice
  • support with school e.g. guidance with homework and developing learning skills
  • introduction to working life
  • developing life controlling skills e.g. day-to-day rhythm, healthy diet, relationship with intoxicants, problem-solving and stress-coping skills, controlling anxiety, meaningful activities