Our Mission & Values

Our mission is to provide new, individually tailored family-centred support services to:
  • families and maturing youth in the field of open and after-care in child welfare
  • families eligible for basic services
  • families and youth without guardians in the field of support associated with immigrant services and child welfare after-care
Our operations are guided by values based on universal, absolute and fundamental human rights. We promote an open, customer-oriented approach in our operations, based on community and professionalism. The cornerstones of our operations are confidentiality, commitment as well as multi-professional co-operation.
We appreciate every person as a unique, one-time individual, who has the right and chance to have hope and welfare in their life. The prevention of exclusion, respectful meeting and the feeling of inclusion for children and youths are a priority for us, as well as promoting the respect and tolerance of being different.